February 3, 2020

EP. 201 — Dry Eyes But 2020 Vision

A Gen Z-er (or zoomer!) unpacks the complexities of being mixed race, her mom’s secret pill business, why bird spit is a delicacy, and what it’s like growing up in the age of climate change.

This episode is brought to you by Truly Grass Fed (www.trulygrassfed.com), Talkspace (www.talkspace.com code: BEAUTIFUL), and Joybird (www.joybirdcom/beautiful25).


[00:00:06] CHRIS: Hello to all my pill-sorting bird spitters. Beautiful/Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred.   [00:00:17] THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one. I think it’ll be more fun, and I’ll get toknow you and you’ll get to know me.   [00:00:28] CHRIS: Don’t push fast-forward on the intro. Guess what, the Beautiful/CONonymous is official. Tickets going on sale, I think today, I think the Tuesday this is dropping. If not, in the next day or so, but we are working hard to get those tickets up right now. Thursday, May 14 through Sunday, May 17. We got nine shows over four days. We are going big with this bad boy. I’m talking live tapings. We’re talking the best comedy bills you’re gonna see in New York this year. It’s no joke. You go, you look at the lineups for these shows, it’s the heaviest hitters you can find in New York City. We’re talking music, Shellshag’s playing, the 18,000

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