Earwolf Presents: Ernie’s Secret

Earwolf Presents #217 July 28, 2022

Earwolf Presents Hot Doc Summer with Beautiful Anonymous host Chris Gethard introducing you to one of our summer audio documentaries from our Stitcher colleagues at Witness Docs.

Witness Docs presents Unfinished, an investigative anthology series digging into America’s unfinished business. Season 1, Deep South, produced in collaboration with Market Road Films, brought us on a journey into the Arkansas Delta to investigate the lynching of Isadore Banks. Season 2, produced with Critical Frequency, takes us to Short Creek, a community on the Utah/Arizona border divided by much more than a state line. Season 3, produced with Scripps, explores dual loyalties and hidden histories via the story of Ernest Withers, one of the most important photographers of the 20th century — who was both a Civil Rights Movement photographer and a FBI informant.

Ernest Withers shot timeless photos covering the civil rights movement- Dr. King on that integrated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Emmett Till’s uncle pointing an accusing finger and striking garbage men in Memphis wearing I AM A MAN placards. His loyalty and dedication earned him the trust of movement leaders King, Young, Lawson. But what if that trust was misplaced – what if Ernest was leading a double life?

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