Earwolf Presents: Rubirosa

Earwolf Presents #219 August 11, 2022

Earwolf Presents Hot Doc Summer with Paul Scheer, your How Did This Get Made? and Unspooled co-host! Paul is introducing you to one of our summer audio documentaries from our Stitcher colleagues at Witness Docs.

Imagine instead of James Bond it was…Jaime Bond, Javi Bond, Bondissimo. Well, guess what, y’all? The white, British character at the center of Ian Fleming’s super-successful franchise was actually based on a Dominican man. Porfirio Rubirosa was a diplomat, playboy who spoke five languages, an international polo champion, a race-car driver, a pilot, and he became the richest man in the world⁠—twice.

This podcast is the true story of Rubirosa’s life, told by Christopher Rivas, a Dominican-American, author and storyteller…AND a lifelong fan of James Bond. Listen to the first episode of Rubirosa and learn where it all began with this icon book and film character.

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