Earwolf Presents: Welcome to Provincetown

Earwolf Presents #216 July 21, 2022

Earwolf Presents Hot Doc Summer with I Weigh host Jameela Jamil sharing her pick of the summer audio documentaries from our Stitcher colleagues at Witness Docs.

It’s time to venture into Provincetown, Massachusetts, a two-street beach town at the end of a sand spit, and meet the fascinating people who live there. Welcome to Provincetown encapsulates stories of artistry, sensuality, solitude, and serendipity. Listen to the sounds of hopes and dreams being carried through the summer breeze, the feeling of letting go, and the feeling of going all in. This is a place where you can find yourself or lose yourself.

Welcome to Provincetown! It’s episode one: Mitra arrives in town on assignment to unlock the secrets to growing old and gay. She meets performer and “It Girl” Qya Cristal who, after nine years of hustling in Provincetown, is finally getting her break. She also trails along with Sonny, the “new meat” just looking to have a dumb slut summer.

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