June 27, 2019

EP. 54 — Episode 54 – A Smear Campaign

The outrage at Jude and Sue’s happiness and their unmarried status continues to cause an uproar among their neighbors, forcing the couple to make some tough decisions.

This episode is sponsored by Petronics – Mousr (www.petronics.io/obscure code: OBSCURE).

Recent Episodes

November 28, 2019

Death comes for Jude, while Michael welcomes a new life.

November 21, 2019

While Michael plans a eulogy, Jude hangs to life, and Arabella plans her next move. Mrs. Edlin visits to inform Jude that Sue has “properly” become a wife to her new husband, causing Jude to rail against the time in which they exist.

November 14, 2019

Ghosts continue to haunt Jude, and Michael can relate. Meanwhile, Sue continues to doubt both herself and her choices and finally decides who to share a bed with.



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