From Bunkers to Bathhouses (w/ Ashley Ray-Harris)

Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins #48 September 8, 2022

London! It’s almost time for your Live Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins and … Michelle Collins (and Dan Acton)! Get your tickets now for the opening weekend of the London Podcast Festival.

This episode Mich and Dan dish up the right amount of restaurant pet peeves – including questionable drizzles and chicken of the sea callbacks. It’s an episode recorded AT midnight which can only mean one thing… Michelle loses her absolute sh*t. Then we welcome comedian, writer and podcaster Ashley Ray to finally call those SMITH GIRLS out once and for all. (More like SNITCH college..) We also delve into Spitgate (please don’t be sick of it yet), East German Queer Cinema (who knew!) and a lot of our favorite TV. Stop what you’re doing and listen to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray right now!

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