Groceries – COVID Edition

Throwing Shade #0 April 8, 2020

Drink sweetly for this Groceries: Covid Edition! Bryan and Erin go deep on their grocery habits in this new-shopping era. Bryan shares different delivery services vs grocery store shopping yourself, how he eats refried beans quarantine-style, how jiff is his jam, his wessonality, and the dark chocolate lover’s dark chocolate bar. Plus, Bryan is all in on Ruffles, and gives advice on how to get produce from your favorite local restaurants. Then, Erin shares about her love for and experience with CSA boxes! She talks about the Queer Farmer Collective, butternut squash phones, victory gardens, and all the places you can get fresh food direct. Bryan & Erin answer your grocery store questions about when stores will open again, how to ask someone to give you 6ft of space, what people are hoarding, and more!

Email or call with grocery store questions/topics at:

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