Groceries – Covid Q&A

Throwing Shade #440.5 April 28, 2020

This week begins with goodbyes as Bag Lady Erin Gibson and Store Brand Bag Bryan Safi bid adieu to their nicknames and mourn the loss of Bryan’s Auntie (anti) Pasto.  Luckily, Erin (formerly Bag Lady Erin Gibson) has just the grocery to turn the mood around: Rancho Gordo Beans and it’s endless benefits and options. In turn, Bryan horrifies Erin with the cost of République and All Time’s grocery boxes. But emotions are quickly soothed again as Bryan shares his top food fantasies, including Circus Animal Rice Crispy Treats, Four Layer Strawberry Cake (the Marilyn Monroe poster of cakes), and a large mason jar of the craft cocktail Negroni. All this, plus your letters and questions are addressed and answered as Erin and Bryan hand out suggestions on the best teas, what to do with 50 pounds of Bisquick, and how to get out of the tub if you take an oil bath.


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