July 4, 2022

EP. 326 — Heart Attack At 42

A woman describes the surprising events that led to her heart attack. She opens up to Geth about the fact that her brother died last year of a heart attack at 42 under completely different circumstances. She also shares the letter she wrote to her husband detailing her final wishes, including that he not sprinkle her ashes on their garden and grow “death tomatoes.” Later on, she discusses planning a booze cruise funeral, the pros of not having kids, and feeling at peace with her life.


Chris [00:00:04] Hello to everybody who thinks these tomatoes taste a little specific. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hi everybody. Chris Gethard here. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful/ Anonymous. I thank everybody from the Facebook group who left comments on last week’s episode, our foster parents who love D&D. We has a lot of people who were at the live show checking in to say they were there. We had people debating if they were the oldest person at the show. Much love to y’all. So we had a lot of people very supportive of the couple. We had someone offering up- Nina offered up the word “sangry”, the mixture of sad and angry that all of us feel from time to time. Sangry. Maybe I might have to start using that. Sounds like sounds like a sangria, like a wine based beverage, sangry. Sad and angry. I’ve also had people who didn’t know what D&D was and other people explaining what D&

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