June 11, 2015

EP. 32 — Igor Rusinov of Welcome to Denzelishness

The man behind Welcome to Denzelishness, Igor Rusinov joins Kamau & Kevin all the way from Russia on a special episode of Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period! They’ll get into what lead to him creating the Welcome to Denzelishness website (http://rusinov.me/projects/denzelishness/), what life is like is in Saint Petersburg, and his very strange Top 5 Denzel movie choices. Plus, Kevin & Kamau talk about Denzel’s Penn-State and Dillard commencement speeches and share a couple of Denzel Halloween costume ideas.

Recent Episodes

August 8, 2019

EP. 122 — Malcolm X

Guest Chris Chalk

Actor Chris Chalk (Gotham) joins Kamau and Kevin once again to talk about the 1992 Denzel film Malcolm X. Plus, they talk about Chris Chalk’s experience working on When They See Us.

August 1, 2019

Actor Chris Chalk (Gotham) joins Kamau and Kevin to talk about Denzel trolling Kamau with the glasses/afro look as they discuss the 2017 Denzel film Roman J. Israel, Esq. Plus, they talk about Denzel being a Lyft driver as they discuss the 2018 Denzel film The Equalizer 2.

July 24, 2019

EP. 120 — Virtuosity

This week Kamau and Kevin discuss the 1995 science fiction film Virtuosity starring Denzel Washington. They talk about the lost Virtuosity episode, Russell Crowe being the most annoying villain, Denzel’s three looks, and whether or not this is Denzel’s worst movie.