January 25, 2021

EP. 251 — I’m Narcoleptic And Collapsed During Sex

A woman describes what it’s like being narcoleptic with cataplexy. She shares her wildest episodes, including when she’s collapsed mid sex and mid laugh.


CHRIS [00:00:06] Hello to everybody who feels like Jello, it’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred.   THEME MUSIC [00:00:13] I’d rather go one on one. I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.    CHRIS [00:00:28] Hello everybody, Chris Gethard here, and welcome to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous. First things first, really cool thing happened. If you didn’t see this this past week, the show randomly wound up on the front page of CNN.com. We hit our 250th episode. We actually, that kind of snuck up on us. We weren’t even making a big deal out of it. There was an article saying, talking about the 250th episode. And I just want to thank the journalists who did that. I was actually interviewed as what was supposed to be I was supposed to be smaller part of a bigger article alongside a bunch of different people. And the interviewer actually said, you know, we got a lo

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