Jafar Is Disney Moses: Secretly Heroic Villains

The Cracked Podcast #165 February 13, 2017

Did you ever notice how every movie villain is just really ugly beyond belief?

Emperor Palpatine? WRINKLED UP UGGO.



It’s fucking dark when you think about how many movies this applies to; how the villain is usually someone trying to live a normal or equal life, but their ugliness just gets in the way. ‘The Incredibles’ is a perfect example. The villain is an ugly-little redhead kid who just wants for everybody to be a superhero, but the Incredibles are like NNNNNNOPE and throw him into a jet engine because only they should get to be superheroes.

Yeah, of course Syndrome kills like 30 other superheroes and sets a giant death robot loose on a major metropolis, but just go with us for this thought experiment. His heart was in the right place. On this week’s podcast Jack O’Brien welcomes Cracked’s own Katie Goldin and Michael Swaim to unpack this trope and how you can see ugly bad guys ostensibly trying to do the right thing in franchises from Disney to The Lord of the Rings.


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