James Bonding Cocktail Party Podcast Part 1

James Bonding #92 April 29, 2019

It’s the James Bonding Cocktail Party Podcast Part 1: the gathering so nice, they episoded it twice. Craig Ormiston and Eddy Colloton from Licence to Drink, join the Matts and many of our season 2 guests for a series of 007-themed cocktails and kinship. Enjoy drop-ins by Ben Blacker, James Bladon, Emily Schmemily, Bobak Ferdowsi, Mike Simses, and Julie Lacouture.

Drink along with Matt and Matt as they descend into drunkenness and the quality of the episode lessens sip by sip! Listen to Part 2, with even more drinks and guests, next week on StitcherPremium.com. Use promo code: BOND.

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