Joel Stein, Time magazine columnist, Journalist, and Author

The Wolf Den #72 February 5, 2015

Time magazine columnist, journalist, and author Joel Stein joins Adam for a spirited discussion that traverses the circuitous pathway between old and new media. Joel talks about why he chose to go with old media when he got out of college in the 90s–even predicting that the big corporations would take over everything on the internet—and why he continues to stick with his choice. However, he does reveal his super-secret podcast project that doesn’t have any listeners yet. Then, Adam asks him about sparking controversy in print, and Joel explains why apologies for offending people almost never work. Finally, he tells Adam why he hasn’t hosted a podcast yet, even though he’s had offers, and, speaking as a listener and media personality, he gives his prognosis for the five-year future of the medium.

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