August 11, 2011

EP. 36 — Leaking Gravy

Oh, the delightful freaks of Hollywood. How we adore them. From the overzealous extras to the barely civilized film composers, we salute you. You who are haunted, sometimes literally, by the embarrassing stories relived at auditions: This episode is for you. Someday you’ll be sitting at the pharmacy wondering where your life (and hair) went and we want you to have this episode to remember us by. Drew, Tim, and Jim feel for you and love you…just don’t talk to them if you are ever on set with them.

Recent Episodes

December 8, 2011

Glitter in the Garbage has been a year long bash, but before we go to the after party let’s load up on drinks, grab a bunch of crazy assholes, invite all our friends and have the podcast equivalent of fireworks at midnight! Drew, Sam, Jordan, Colleen, Marc, and Ron pull out all the stops so that you’ll have a Glitter in the Garbage hangover that’ll last through the new year. Thank you all for listening!

December 1, 2011

Glitter in the Garbage might be approaching a break, but we’re going full speed ahead! Ladies of the 90s, awkward gift exchanges, bad parenting, bad commercials, bad food, everything Drew, Ryan, and Fortune love! Savor it like a delicious last-minute Thanksgiving dessert!

November 23, 2011

Looking for something to do this Thanksgiving? Drew, Molly, and J.P. have some ideas! You could watch the parade, as corporate and mainstream as that is. You could meet up with some of your old friends from junior high, but that could get depressing fast. What about a good mushroom trip with retirees? That sounded much better in my head. Well, if you want to avoid awful TSA agents and awkward family encounters, just hang out at home and listen to Glitter in the Garbage!