March 7, 2017

EP. 51 — Made Out With My Teacher

A chance encounter at a coffee shop unearthed difficult experiences from this caller’s high school years. The troublesome nature of the call brings out Chris’s anger and rarely-seen “North-Jersey-guy-ready-to-break-bones” side.

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CHRIS GETHARD: Today’s episode of Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People is sponsored by Mailchimp. Guess what – guess who I used to be. I used to be a young man just trying to find a way to tell my story to the world. Know what I did? I signed up for Mailchimp, this is very true, before they were ever a sponsor of this show. And I said – because I said, because I did, I always have these cult fan base and no way to get to them. And all of a sudden everybody signed up, they all came to me and now I can send my biggest fans these boutique emails. It’s a very, very cool thing that Mailchimp does. They’ve got gorgeous predesigned templates, you can code your own, it’s easy, a lot easier than the phrase “code your own sounds,” show you how to send, when to send, why people open an email or delete it. They’ll help you find people, help you grow your business. I can say that personally because it worked for me. Mailchimp helps you tell your story effectively and find peop

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