June 13, 2023

EP. S2E47 — Mega Mid-Year TV Roundup w/ Jason Mantzoukas

Buckle up, Jason Mantzoukas (Star Trek: Prodigy, How Did This Get Made?) is back! Jason and Ashley chat about the state of TV today and do a super-sized roundup of what he’s been watching since their last TV Club hang. During their rundown of 40+ shows, they both agree The Other Two is the best comedy on TV right now, make a case that Freevee is the top streaming service you’re probably not watching, and wonder why every celebrity wants to host a show about what they eat and where they go. Plus, you won’t want to miss Ashley try to guess what the show Bosch is actually about.


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What We Watched:

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace


Star Trek: Prodigy


The Other Two

Party Down

SAS: Rogue Heroes


Perpetual Grace, LTD

Poker Face


Make Or Break

Rich & Shameless

Bad Sisters


Bosch: Legacy

This Fool

The Premise

Killing It

Jury Duty


High School


American Born Chinese

The Bad Batch


Star Wars: Visions

Clone High

Somebody Somewhere

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

And Then There Were None

Sin Eater: The Crimes of Anthony Pellicano

The Legacy of J Dilla


I Think You Should Leave

History of the World: Part 3

A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou


Unicorn Warriors Eternal

Alone: Season 10


Polite Society (film)

Rye Lane (film)

Three Ways (film)

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Ashley Ray [00:00:29] Welcome to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray–your go-to podcast for discovering what to watch on TV and getting behind the scenes insight from the people who make the shows you love. Today on the show, I’m joined by one of my favorite past guests–a friend of the pod at this point. He came on last December to reveal his underrated TV hits of last year. And now he’s back to talk about our favorite hits for halfway through 2023 because there’s been so much TV. You’re missing a lot of things. So welcome to Jason Mantzoukas. He is back to talk about his favorite shows. I don’t think I even need to introduce you.   Jason Mantzoukas [00:01:01] You don’t even– You can just completely abandon the intro. Let’s go. We’ve got a lot to talk about.   Ashley Ray [00:01:09] Right? Do you need me to say, like, “A comedian, blah, blah blah”?   Jason Mantzoukas [00:01:11] No. No. There is more impor

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