June 17, 2021

EP. 63 — Men’s Violence Against Women with Dr. Jackson Katz

Educator, filmmaker, author, and viral Ted Talk speaker Dr. Jackson Katz joins Jameela this week to discuss the language we use when discussing violence against women, bro-culture and how some men are afraid of losing social status with other men by speaking up, how vulnerability is is compatible with strength and power, how it is never too late to speak out, and what parents can do to raise caring and empathetic children.
See Dr. Katz’s powerful Ted talk here – https://www.ted.com/talks/jackson_katz_violence_against_women_it_s_a_men_s_issue?language=en


Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. I hope you’re well. I’m good. Lots of work stuff going on, very intense. I’m doing lots of things that I never thought I would ever do. I did not have any of them on my bingo card for 35 years old. One of them is that I’m about to do an animated movie with The Rock and Kate McKinnon and Keanu fucking Reeves and John fucking Krasinski. All these people that I love and admire so much, I can’t believe I’m about to be in an animated film with them. I’m going to be such a fucking nerd at that premiere. Can you imagine how much of a geek I’m going to be? I’m going to ask everyone for a selfie. I’m going to be so embarrassing and my manager’s going to have to say what she said when I was at this Hollywood Reporter shoot with all these brilliant icons that I totally didn’t deserve to be around. But I think they probably needed an Indian

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