March 25, 2021

EP. 51 — Michelle Buteau

Comedian, actor, and author Michelle Buteau joins Jameela this week to discuss being a ten year-old drinking slimfast and doing sit-ups, being a “big-tittied superman” for other women, being a curvy black woman in the industry, her surrogacy journey, and what we all need to know about motherhood.


Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh, with Jameela Jamil. How are you? I’m fucking fucked. I am exhausted. My brain is exhausted. My body is exhausted. I’m fed up. I cannot handle the news cycle anymore. I cannot handle how long everything is taking to open up. I cannot handle the pressure of the world. And I just so much is happening in my personal life right now. Everything is just sort of like being uprooted and moved around. And this time is just increasingly stressful. Everyone is under so much pressure. It’s OK if you’re just not good vibes. You know, we’ve spoken about it before on this podcast. Dr. Deepak Chopra, this good vibes, only shit. Toxic, toxic nonsense. Nonsense, toxic bullshit. Sorry. I am I’m just having a day, I’m having it, I’m having a week, I’m having a year. And if you are as well, that is fine. That is fucking fine. Sometimes it’s just all too much. And you don’t h

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