April 29, 2021

EP. 56 — Mike Birbiglia

Comedian, storyteller, and writer/director Mike Birbiglia joins Jameela this week to discuss what got him into comedy, being a “good person to bully” in high school, approaching “the hill” (middle age), why he changed his mind about having children, and his sleep disorder which inspired his film Sleepwalk With Me. Check out Mike’s podcast, Working It Out, wherever you find your podcasts.


Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. I hope that your well, I hope mostly that you listened to my episode last week with Jane fucking Fonda. That’s her whole name. Fucking is her middle it’s not. Don’t tell her I said that please, thank you. What a legend. And I got so many I got truly thousands of messages from all of you about what an icon she is, about how some of you were crying two minutes in because she’s so inspiring. And a lot of you told me off for having berated myself at the beginning by saying that I felt like a wilting, sweating squirrel. And that’s fair because I I preach all the time to not do ourselves down. And then I did it. I went and bloody did it. But no one’s immune, alright? When I’m faced with a giant like Jane Fonda, I become David to her Goliath. I, I’m very bitter. And, you know, I this is just this is who I am. I’m a I’m a scared guy anyway. I have

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