November 9, 2021

EP. 126 — Nicole and Sasheer Talk About YOU (The TV Show)

**SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 3 OF YOU** Sasheer is joining us from a hotel where clothing is optional! They get into Nicole’s fears of being topless, and bringing her crescent moons to a party with rhombuses. Then, per usual, they dive into recapping YOU. They answer listener questions on what would happen if they were put in the box, would they fall in love with Joe (too late – they already have!), shipping Love & Theo, what if Joe got killed off, and who would they be in Season 4. Jordan has lots of questions too! They discuss black women being kept alive in the show, the roles they auditioned for, and Cardi B’s new friendship with Joe (Penn Badgley), and favorite moments in this new season.


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