October 17, 2023

EP. 227 — Nicole Can Understand Greek… Cause She’s Hot!

Hope you’re well friends! Nicole is learning to love massages while Sasheer is tired and would love to enjoy a massage. Nicole shares that she fought for her life during a Turkish massage, but her skin was glowing afterwards and magically understands Greek. Sasheer just saw Janelle Monáe, and Flyana Boss opened for her. Nicole loves Flyana Boss and hopes that there is no darkness in their lives. Sasheer is a small purse kinda girl. Nicole is a big purse kinda girl and doesn’t know how to feel about her new small wallet. Sasheer has to get up on her frozen treats, meanwhile Nicole is on a mission for some good soft serve ice cream. Sasheer and Nicole do an unexpected deep dive in the many controversies surrounding the restaurant Cracker Barrel. They answer a friendship question about getting more one-on-one time with a bestie who wants to bring their new partner everywhere and how to tell their friend they have a bad body odor.


This was recorded on Sept. 11th 2023.




Cracker Barrel Has ‘Fallen’? Folksy Southern Food Chain Becomes Latest Unlikely Target Of Anti-LGBTQ Crusade



8 Scandals Cracker Barrel Hopes You’ll Forget




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Here is the quiz we took: 



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Nicole: Hi, Sasheer.   Sasheer: Hi, Nicole.   Nicole: How are you today?   Sasheer: Good… I’m good.   Nicole: Oh no. Are you good?   Sasheer: I’m just tired. I feel like I’ve just been bouncing around a lot, and I’d like to lay down for a little bit.   Nicole: Oh, you can do that.   Sasheer: Really?   Nicole: Yes, you can just say no to things and not bounce around and just lay on down.   Sasheer: Yeah, that’s true. But I am leaving Wednesday night.   Nicole: Where are you going Wednesday?   Sasheer: To D.C.   Nicole: Oh, yeah. I think you told me about that. Then when are you back?   Sasheer: Friday. But then I don’t have a set date on when I’m leaving again, so I think I’ll have time to chill.   Nicole: Yeah, chill in your space. Have a nice time. Look around. Be like, “This is my space.” Think of things you could change, you know?   Sasheer: Ye

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