April 23, 2024

EP. 254 — Nicole Loves A JLo Movie

Friends! This week Nicole has a surprise for Sasheer! Sasheer was surprised but she got it too! It’s a couch purse. Nicole still surprised Sasheer. Nicole will stab you in the back if she’s trying to live. Sasheer thinks it would be weird. Nicole doesn’t know why we learned fractions in grade school. Sasheer agrees that there are some things we didn’t need to learn. In college, Nicole loved reading books and plays. Sasheer still doesn’t know what Beowulf is. Nicole learned about Venus and wants to learn more about planets. Sasheer wants to know where Nicole was when the eclipse happened. Sasheer almost missed it but got a welding helmet to enjoy the eclipse. Nicole loved Jennifer Lopez’s movie This Is Me. They also get into their individual interior home décor aesthetics. Plus, they answer your friendship questions about traveling with your best friend and how to ask someone to be your best friend.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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