April 9, 2024

EP. 252 — Nicole says “Virgin Mary is That B***ch!”

Blessings Friends! This week, Nicole asks if Sasheer got fooled on this past April Fool’s Day. Sasheer didn’t even know it was Easter, let alone April Fool’s Day. Nicole wonders about the symbolism of Easter. Sasheer discovers that the date of Easter is determined by the moon… each year. Nicole was extra vigilant on April Fool’s Day, so she didn’t get fooled. Sasheer finds out that Ask Jeeves rebranded in 2006 to Ask.com… no more Jeeves. Nicole reminisces about shopping at Sears and Bradlees. They both imagine what would happen if Sasheer was Jesus. Nicole would want her to turn everything into wine. Sasheer wants to know, what is Virgin Mary’s real name? Nicole thinks she should be Virgin Mary, that B***ch. Sasheer thinks Jesus was a bad carpenter because we don’t have any of his tables. Nicole wonders if Jesus was the weird kid in school. Sasheer believes Young Jesus would be a hit television show. They answer your friendship questions about an unrequited crush and how to discuss a undiagnosed mental health issue with a partner.


This was recorded on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024.



Easter Day is Determined by the Moon



Barbra Streisand Cloned her Dogs



Cost of Cloning a Dog and Cat



How Cloning Works



Jesus  Coming Back



No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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