December 15, 2020

EP. 79 — Nicole Thinks Aliens Would Keep Her For A Little Bit

Nicole and Sasheer are all bundled up and ready to discuss paying for heat, weighted blankets, sleep entanglements, alien abductions, angel encounters, ghost sightings, the movie Casper, cell phones over the years, pay phone tricks, roasting strangers, flight attendants’ covid material, being in L.A. longer than ever before, the T.V. show Zoom, and how many stars the Disney channel gave us. Then they take the quiz: Which Old Hollywood Icon Are You? And answer your questions. This week’s voicemail comes from a truly wonderful no-a-kid 14-year-old that both Nicole and Sasheer want to be friends with. The gals give advice about what is and isn’t bullying (being verbally mean IS bullying), how to find like-minded friends (search hashtags) and how to dump not-friends (stop hanging out with them.) Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

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