March 30, 2021

EP. 94 — Nicole’s Demure Troll and TittieTroll

After Nicole grapples with the evidence that she’s 5’5″ she and Sasheer discuss how TVs are measured and how they shouldn’t double as toilet paper, Biggest Little Farm, favorite farm animals, debunking that turkeys die in the rain, chickens catching air out of the coup, survival of the fittest AND silliest, Austin Powers, Black mannequins, The Masked Singer, the ice skaters and hockey players Sasheer and Nicole know, female rappers, art is fun, tiny furniture, and Nicole’s demure and tittie trolls. PLUS they answer your questions about flirting at vaccination sites, mental health suggestions, and how to handle bad parents. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

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This week we are releasing an episode from behind the paywall. Best Friends Presents: Best Friends Friends! This episode, best friends Nicole and Sasheer bring on their friend Jacob Wysocki.