Penny (Adam Devine’s mom)

We Called Your Mom #21 January 11, 2021

The biggest takeaway from our conversation with Penny was the power of a mother’s intuition. Penny had a premonition on the day her family went to the zoo while Adam stayed home for the day. Her story is told on the Disney + program, Becoming. We also were treated to happier memories of Adam as a little boy before his tragic accident. You will enjoy hearing about “Sneaky” the four-year-old Adam with black glasses, cowboy boots, and no pants! He was a little boy with a big personality! Beth and Adam have something in common: leaping out of closets and dark spaces to scare their parents. Adam did this as a kid. Beth continues as an adult to taunt her Mom. You may know Adam from his hit TV show Workaholics, Modern Family, The Righteous Gemstones, as Bumper in the Pitch Perfect movies or his latest Netflix special Best Time of Our Lives.

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