Plot Holes in Great Movies LIVE!

The Cracked Podcast #48 September 29, 2014

Hollywood’s villains are the luckiest people on the damn planet. Let’s talk about climactic midpoint of The Dark Knight: The Joker stages an assassination attempt forcing Batman, but not actually Batman, to reveal his true identity just for the purpose of getting caught later, then forcing Batman Batman to choose between Rachel and Harvey Dent, who are rigged to perfectly timed bombs in warehouses somehow 20 minutes away from any police presence.


How in the world did he plan all of that by himself and know it would all be timed perfectly!? What are all of the steps that the Joker would have to go through to ensure all of these events happened with Swiss precision? The weirdness goes beyond intelligent villains. How does the asteroid in Armageddon know to target our most famous buildings? In Friday the 13th, Part 2, how the hell did Jason Voorhees track down his victim’s house without a map, or a goddamn car?


This week, on a very special LIVE podcast from Zanies in Nashville, Cracked’s Jack O’Brien, Jason Pargin (aka David Wong), Michael Swaim, Soren Bowie, and Cody Johnson are joined by the Cinema Sins guys (Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson) to discuss some major plot holes from their favorite blockbuster movies.

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