March 30, 2016

EP. 106 — Question for Tim Ferriss: How Do You Find out What You’re Uniquely the Best At? 

Last year, our guest host Tim Ferriss wrote in a blog post that he was no longer investing in new startups, even though he’s done well in the past. He rationalized that other investors would quickly take his place if he stepped away from the market, which makes him replaceable in that field. Instead, he refocused his energy on writing, where he has penned a unique voice. Today, James, Stephen, and Tim look into the power of idea creation, saying no when it matters the most, and expressing your unique weirdness in all of its glory.

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September 8, 2016

How do two friends say goodbye to each other? If you’re Stephen Dubner and James Altucher, you do so by recording a podcast. Question of the Day has produced 177 episodes and a live special over the span of just one year, and now our hosts are putting the show on hiatus in order to launch and grow their other endeavors. On today’s final episode, for now, hear James and Stephen talk about goodbyes, backgammon matches, what they’ve learned, and what they’ll miss once this episode comes to a close.

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September 7, 2016

Why didn’t Stephen invite James to his children’s bar and bat mitzvahs? Did it have something to do with how James acted at Stephen’s 50th birthday party? Today, James and Stephen contemplate what it’s like making new friends as middle-aged introverts compared to during adolescence, and discuss how it’s easier to broadcast your social signals as mature adults.

September 6, 2016

Is it more important to set an actual price when you’re negotiating a deal, or to control the terms on which a price is to be set? When James was selling his first company, he ended up with millions less than he anticipated because the other party tipped the scales in their favor. Now, James uses this same technique in his own favor when he’s sitting at the negotiating table. Learn more about this technique and how Stephen crowdsourced the asking price of his house on today’s Question of the Day.

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