December 5, 2012

EP. 2 — Roll For Your Fate

Get your dicks out America… the Dungeons & Dragons rollicking adventure continues. The group finds themselves stowed away on a pleasure cruise with swashbuckling hot chicks as their captors. The dimmest of the bunch, Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), volunteers to hurt someone and the group weighs whether they need a more stealth approach. Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), a half elf warlock, does reconnaissance with the dungeon master’s (Scott Robison) helpful world building. After gaining intel Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly), Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) and the rest of the gang weapon up. They’re an odd bunch, to be sure, but they work together to find out the truth of their surroundings. And Penn St. jokes happen. It’s a blast of fun and the story is only beginning.

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