October 27, 2020

EP. 72 — Sasheer Is An Artist

Nicole and Sasheer are back with another episode LIVE FROM ITALY! (Wouldn’t that be great?) They’re still in quarantine but are here to discuss Nicole’s bike, Instagram scams, Theragunsleepy vibes, a misguided skate gang coach, Sasheer getting recognized as an artist, Jordan’s gallon of water a day, Nicole’s Jussie Smollet fake hate crime anniversary party, and how every year is “the worst year ever” thanks to oligopolies and fast information. Then Nicole and Sasheer take the “quizzy-poo” How Brave Is Your Style? And of course, your questions answered! The ladies give advice on throwing friendships away and how to meet your friend’s significant other.

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(424) 645-7003

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