March 22, 2022

EP. 145 — Sasheer Is Getting Asked About Her Hair A Lot

Wow Wow Wow how would you feel if your teeth were falling right out of your head? This week we discuss Nicole and Sasheer’s dental adventures with other people’s toothbrushes, water picks, crowns popping off, and more! They then cover shopping in one’s own closet, Sasheer nearly chopping her ankles off and not getting sugar on her hot dog, watching a couple break up at Chili’s, decide there is no good way to go through a breakup, how Animorphs worked, Sasheer’s shaved head, and is Cynthia Daniel at home? Then they hear from a listener on why we refrigerate eggs, answer where you can donate clothes for drag queens, share how to talk to the bride about choosing plus-sized friendly bridesmaid dresses, and discuss how to let a not-so-close friend down easily.


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