May 14, 2024

EP. 257 — Sasheer Just Can’t Win With Nicole

Hello friends. Nicole is in the windy city and might be having mic issues. Sasheer, at the request of Nicole, tries to imagine what she would do if Nicole got swept away in a windstorm. Nicole accuses Sasheer of calling her too fat to find in a windstorm. Sasheer is reminded of a woman who has the talent of making any noise with her mouth. Nicole needs to sleep more to function now. Sasheer has new outdoor furniture. Nicole says it’s not worth it to buy expensive outdoor furniture. Sasheer wonders why are flammable materials still being used to build houses?! Nicole has animals in her hole….in the side of her house. Sasheer thinks we definitely need more people going back to school to learn how to repair airplanes. Nicole thinks kids should follow their passions. Plus, they answer your questions about hanging out with partners’ friends, how to find closure in a complicated relationship and how to support a friend in a 90-day fiancé situation.




Geneviève Côté on Britain’s Got Talent 2024-


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No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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