November 30, 2021

EP. 129 — Sasheer Loves A Stadium Hot Dog

Update – Nicole DOES fart in her sleep. This week, Nicole and Sasheer grapple with this new information, discuss wrapping up season 3 of YOU (and implore casting to LET THEM IN!), give the cast high school superlatives, and ask “how’s Paco?!?”. For more conversation about you, check out our past episode titled Nicole And Sasheer Talk About You (The TV Show)! They take a quiz discussing what self-care rituals they should take up, discuss why no one thinks they are dating, Sasheer’s love of hot dogs, and answer a listener question about how to manage friends criticizing her bi-racial daughter’s hair.


Here is the quiz:


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

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