Sasheer Would Not Murder For Nicole

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata #131 December 14, 2021

Christmas cheer is near! This week, Nicole gives her predictions for the 2022 (she is now called Nicole-stradamus), and Sasheer explains penny loafers and shoulder pads. They discuss food in the air, learning how to surf, and take a quiz to see if they are more like Guinevere Beck, Or Love Quinn from You and discover if they would murder for each other! They take a second quiz (what a day!) to see what Christmas movie character would be their BFF, discuss a terrible cinnabon experience, Nicole’s desire for pink champagne cake, cookies they love, their experience seeing A Nightmare Before Christmas, how much they love Billie Eilish, and overconfident trick-or-treaters. Plus, they manifest what they want for 2022! They wrap things up by hearing from a listener why fish is not meat, and from another listener who also wears a bathing suit to bed. Plus – update – Nicole did fart today.


Here is the first quiz they took –

Here is the second quiz they took –


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