May 28, 2024

EP. 259 — Sasheer’s Got Something in Her Eye

Friends! Sasheer has something in her eye and Nicole helps her clear her sight. Also, nobody was prepared for the arm choreography in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. Sasheer had a mechanical bull ride at her party and Nicole enjoyed it so much, she wants to find a mechanical dick to ride. They both found out that there is no brick and mortar business in California for a mechanical penis ride. Nicole hates the term lover and thinks we should get rid of the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” Plus, they answer your questions about a friend forgetting birthdays, advice on celebrating Mother’s Day when you’re grieving and whether or not Sasheer’s Team Pacey or Team Dawson.




Minority Report:


Minority Report Video Clip:


What Pointing Means in Some Cultures:,America%2C%20and%20many%20other%20countries.


Slick Dicks:


Cannibal Animals:


The first amusement park: Lake Compounce,America’s%20First%20Amusement%20Park,can’t%2Dmiss%20concerts.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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