February 8, 2022

EP. 139 — Sasheer’s Switch Just Went Off

You can’t see it, but we are waving at you! Nicole and Sasheer talk all things fire-tables, the same recipes at restaurants tasting different, the end of the fast-casual restaurant, bolognese for the table, “do you speak no mustard?”, how to use a toaster oven, Sasheer giving in and eating more salads and being sleepy, Nicole’s Blues Clues outfit, being a WOMAN (we love you June Diane Raphael), things they want to do this year , and hitting up Benihanas. They get listener advice on how a previous listener can get her book back, and answer a question about how to deal with a mean friend in high school. Also if you knew Nicole or Sasheer in high school and thought she was cool, email us!


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