March 14, 2021

EP. 182 — Stephanie Burt

Writer Stephanie Burt sits down with Cameron to discuss the WNBA, teaching a queer lit class at Harvard, and how, when it comes to poems, different people like different things.

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May 21, 2023

Original release date: August 19, 2020. Olympic medalist Adam Rippon sits down with Cameron to discuss finding his passion in skating, wearing a harness to the Oscars, and showing the world who he truly was at the Olympics.

May 17, 2023

Survive or Die Trying is a comedy podcast providing real advice on how to survive anything and everything life can throw at you. Cameron Esposito is our host as we run through giant bear attacks and the zombie apocalypse to meeting the in-laws. From the downright ridiculous to the all too real, Survive or Die Trying will tackle life’s craziest situations you might find yourself in and prepare you for how to come out the other side intact. 

May 14, 2023

Original release date: January 6, 2020. Author Carmen Maria Machado sits down with Cameron to discuss writing while teaching, drawing inspiration from other queer writers, and the genre of body horror.