Sunset Boulevard

Unspooled #37 January 23, 2019

Paul & Amy drive down to 1950’s Hollywood house of horrors Sunset Boulevard! They ask if Joe Gillis is a reliable narrator, praise Gloria Swanson’s transformative performance, and wonder if Hollywood really hasn’t changed in 70 years. Plus: Alicia Malone (TCM host and author of “The Female Gaze”) joins us to help place Sunset Boulevard in it’s historical context.

What’s your favorite evil doctor (or other medical professional) in pop culture history? Before we discuss One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824! Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at, and don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.

Photo by Kim Troxall.

This episode is brought to you by Black Tux ( code: UNSPOOLED).

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