Tamp It Down!

Sklarbro Country #38 April 14, 2011

What’s Up Hot Dogs? This week we have Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast as a guest and you won’t be able to tamp him down! Scott tells us his personal highlights from the 100 episodes of his podcast, and regales us with tales from his storied career as a Dodgers batboy. Racist Vin Scully joins us once again, and once again manages to offend and disorient with each statement. If you like games, this week we have Things Jose Canseco Will Never Say, Who Is Crazier, and our newest game Where’d You Get Your Car Washed. Visit Legalzoom for affordable online legal documents (no, they will NOT update your car tags for you), send in your drawings of the Sklarbro Country mascot, and most importantly punch a waterfall!

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