November 14, 2023

EP. S2E69 — The Best TV Monologues w/ Shaun Diston

Do you remember where you were the first time you heard Meredith Grey’s infamous line, “Pick me, choose me, love me”? Shaun Diston joins Ashley to discuss and act out some of their favorite TV monologues from shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Designing Women, Andor, and more. They also make predictions ahead of The Golden Bachelor finale and theorize if there could ever be a Golden Bachelorette.


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What We Watched:

The Golden Bachelor

Bachelor in Paradise



The Morning Show




Selling Sunset

The Family Chantel


Ashley Ray [00:00:02] You know, people are always like, “Oh, movies. Yeah, it’s so cool you can do the monologue from, like, Taxi Driver. You have plays memorized? Good for you, Dame Judi Dench. You can just, like, do a Shakespeare monologue.” I can do probably 20 monologues from Grey’s Anatomy.   Shaun Diston [00:00:21] Well, that’s incredible.   Ashley Ray [00:00:30] Welcome to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray–your go-to podcast for discovering what to watch on TV and getting behind the scenes insight from the people who make the shows you love. You just heard a little tease of my chat with Shaun Diston, and we’re getting into TV monologues today. What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? What are some of our favorites? Do I perform a Grey’s Anatomy monologue in this episode? Yeah. Yeah, I do. But not the one you think. Not the one you think. And of course, there’s some Scandal. We all know Shonda Rhimes is the queen of the

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