June 12, 2023

EP. 194 — The Devious Bisexual Door Dasher w/ Cameron Esposito

What’s poppin’ Con-gregation? This week, we are joined by actor-comedian Cameron Esposito to dig into the bisexual DoorDash delivery scammer, Joshua Hall, who committed wire fraud by pretending to be multiple family members of the Trump family. Plus, one California-based tattoo studio has been accused by two customers and counting of being scammed out of thousands of dollars for a bad tattoo. Stay Schemin’!


Scam Goddess Live @ the Elysian Theatre on Thursday, June 22, 2023 in Los Angeles @ 7:30pm PST. Live TICKETS SOLD OUT. To livestream go to: https://moment.co/scamgoddess


Research by Kaelyn Brandt






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