March 30, 2021

EP. 98 — The High Cost of Cheap Clothes with Dana Thomas

Clothes today cost a fraction of what they cost our grandparents — but why, and at what cost? Journalist and author Dana Thomas joins Adam to break down how fast fashion has made the industry explode into a one-trillion dollar industry, how dismal the working conditions are in many overseas factories, and how to shop and dress more sustainably. To check out Dana’s newest book Fashionopolis, visit  


Adam: [00:00:22] Hello, everyone, welcome to Factually! I’m Adam Conover. Before we get started, a couple of pieces of housekeeping. First of all, we have had so many incredible authors on this show. We had Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert, who wrote The Sixth Extinction and Under a White Sky. We had Rutger Bregman, whose new book, Humankind: A Hopeful History, has been on the bestseller list for months. And we had Angela Chan, who wrote Ace, an incredible guide to what asexuality reveals about desire, our society and the meaning of sex. And it occurred to me, hey, maybe after you’ve heard these interviews, you would like a place to go where you could easily purchase their book and support the show. Well, we have created that place for you. If you had to this short, easy to remember url You will be presented with a bookstore on which you will see the book of every guest we have ever had on the show. And because we are running that little books

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How can we best help animals, when it’s we humans who cause their suffering? Animal Crisis authors Alice Crary and Lori Gruen join Adam to explain how the same systems that hurt and kill animals also harm humans. They discuss the human rights abuses that happen in industrial slaughterhouses and how palm oil monocrops are devastating the world’s rainforests. They also share how we can have solidarity with animals in our daily lives. You can purchase their book at

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