October 31, 2022

EP. 343 — The Putty Man (Live from Madison)

Just in time for Halloween, a 47-year-old horror fan shares the premise of the spooky novel she’s writing. She and Geth get nostalgic over trick-or-treat traditions and she explains how scary movies help her cope with anxiety. Later on, they attempt to make contact with the ghost (aka “The Putty Man”) that haunts Madison’s Majestic Theater in front of the live audience.


Chris [00:00:07] Hello. Madison, Wisconsin. It’s Beautiful/Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hi, everybody. Chris Gethard here. Happy Halloween. Hope you enjoyed the Halloween festivities. Hope that your house didn’t get toilet papered too bad. Hope that you handed out lots of candy to lots of kids. And I know I enjoy Halloween myself. I was supposed to be a gecko from PJ masks cuz my son wanted to be cat boy, so I went out and got a gecko costume. And then my son decided last minute he wanted to be a stormtrooper, so I was just a context less adult gecko. That’s how life goes sometimes. Hey, everybody, real quick, before I tell you about this episode, it’s a live episode. And guess what? We do live shows all the time. I’m doing a live improv show. I’m returning to improv. I haven’t done improv in years. November 5th, 8 p.m. Brooklyn, New York Me and Tami Sager gonna be doing some improv. Chris Geth dot com for ti

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