February 21, 2023

EP. S2E31 — The Scandal Episode w/ Katie Lowes & Guillermo Diaz

Gladiators Unite! Ashley’s Scandal episode is here with special guests Katie Lowes & Guillermo Diaz straight from their new podcast Unpacking the Toolbox. Ashley asks Katie aka ‘Quinn Perkins’ and Guillermo aka ‘Huck’ about their favorite Scandal moments, life on and off set during that time and their hopes for future Shondaland collaborations (Shonda, we need a horror thriller with Guillermo, STAT!). Have you always wanted to know the table read cast reaction when they realized Olivia Pope was about to beat a man in a wheelchair to death with a chair? This is the episode for you!

What We Watched:


Inventing Anna


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Ashley Ray [00:00:18] Welcome back to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray. I am so excited. I’m so excited for you listeners because I promised you a Scandal episode. You know my connection to Scandal. One of the first shows I reviewed for The A.V. Club. One of my first TV loves. The show that made me want to write TV. So, my guests today–Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz–you probably know them as Quinn Perkins and Huck, our dream duo from Scandal. I am so happy to have you here.   Katie Lowes [00:00:50] We’re happy to be here.   Guillermo Diaz [00:00:51] Thanks for having us.   Ashley Ray [00:00:52] They have just started a new podcast, Unpacking the Toolbox. It is a Scandal rewatch podcast. How is it going? Is it fun to have this mini Scandal reunion?   Guillermo Diaz [00:01:02] It’s so much fun.   Katie Lowes [00:01:04] It’s been a blast. I can’t even… We just had no idea. We had been talking for a year or more even about h

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