July 29, 2019

EP. 174 — The Squirrel and the Giraffe

Hearing other people talk about themselves makes this caller uncomfortable. “It makes me cringe,” he says, “being on the show is a terrible idea.” Will this be Chris’ second-ever hang up, or will the caller stay on the line to reveal what about human interaction freaks him out.

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[00:00:00] CHRIS: Hi, everybody, so excited to tell you about a podcast episode that I sincerely want you to check out, the Earwolf presents thread, you guys might have been checking this out lately cause I’m doing the Chris Gethard presents podcast there, but they switched that up every week. It’s something new. This past week, my friend Connor Ratliff put out something called Dead Eyes. It is amazing. He was once fired from a job by Tom Hanks personally because Tom Hanks, America’s sweetheart, said Connor has dead eyes. He’s now doing this thing. It’s sort of a parody of Serial or This American Life missing Richard Simmons, where he is very seriously trying to discover why Tom Hanks personally fired him from Band of Brothers 20 years ago. It’s hilarious. Connor is a gem. One of the best improvisers of all time and a true friend of mine. And I hope you go check out Dead Eyes on Earwolf presents.   THEME MUSIC:guitar   [00:00:52]CHRIS: Hello to all

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