January 31, 2023

EP. S2E28 — They Hate To See It w/ Imani Hakim

This episode is giving post apocalyptic scaredy cats! It’s giving stand out child actor stars and it’s giving perfect comic timing with a couple of TV exclusive scoops! Join Ashley Ray to talk about where Imani got her comedy chops (Everybody Hates Chris) and her return to comedy all these years later (Mythic Quest!) and there’s a special guest reviewer: Ashley’s Mom Sharon tells you why she LOVES her new favorite show Poker Face!

What We Watched:

The Last of Us

Poker Face

Mythic Quest

Everybody Hates Chris

Selling Sunset / Tampa / The OC

Bling Empire

Abbott Elementary

That’s So Raven

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Boy Meets World


How To Get Away With Murder



Poker Face

The Last of Us


Extreme Sisters

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Below Deck: Adventure


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Ashley Ray [00:00:32] Welcome back to TV, I say with Ashley Ray. I’m back with another episode. My guest today–the wonderful, amazingly, amazingly talented Imani Hakim, who you know from Mythic Quest and Everybody Hates Chris. She will be joining us later. But at the top of the episode, you know that we always do our watchlist. And really there’s only two shows we need to talk about this week. The first one, of course, is The Last of Us. Episode Three, Season One–everyone was crying. I think all of Twitter was crying about this episode. You had Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman playing this beautiful couple who ages together and decides to go out on their terms. I mean, it was just a perfect, perfect episode. People are calling it a bottle episode. It’s not a bottle episode, though. It is just focused on this couple sort of as they come to meet the protagonists of the series, Joel and Ellie. And it’s just so well done. So, The Last of Us–offici

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