December 12, 2022

EP. 148.5 — Threevisiting: Slouchy Slurps-a-Ton

Threevisiting on the Tues: Scott, Paul and Lauren discuss working out and high school drama in their high school dramas. In their featured segment, the three hosts try to guess the names of vaguely described movies.

Recent Episodes

February 1, 2023

Lauren, Paul and Scott talk about road rage, putting turkeys in other holidays and play a new Threeture: Threevia

January 30, 2023

Threevisiting on the Tues: Scott, Paul and Lauren discuss news anchor affairs and play the game How Do You Doo.

January 25, 2023

Lauren, Paul and Scott talk about the m&m’s, going to see a basketball game and listen to some voicemails.