Trump Country: What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

The Cracked Podcast #148 October 24, 2016

You thought it would disappear before the Iowa primary. You thought it would surely never happen when its tax returns were released. You definitely thought it was going away as it drove past you on an ‘Access Hollywood’ tour bus. But it’s finally here. We’re doing a Trump podcast! Please hide your women and children.

We’ve actually kind of skirted around Trump a lot in the last year. We talked about the class divide in America, how it’s not necessarily driven by money and how the Donald personifies the hopes and desires of the “lower class”. We even talked about narcissism as America’s mental disorder, symbolized again by king narcissist himself, Donald J. Trump.

So this week, Crooked Jack O’Brien is joined by Lyin’ Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) in hopefully our final Trumpcast. They take one last look at Mr. Tinyfingers by looking at the 40% or so of people who are voting for him in a couple weeks no matter what. It’s easy to pass them off as toothless rednecks, racist uncles and cartoonish extras from Daily Show segments, but they are real people who didn’t come to support Trump out of nowhere. This cultural shift has been hiding in plain sight and the only problem was the left hadn’t even bothered to look. By really dissecting the reasons for this social chasm, we’ll prove that even the craziest of Trump supporters should actually be listened to, no matter how orange and absurd their political mouthpiece is.


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