March 30, 2020

EP. 209 — Union Worker vs. Robot Dog Uprising

Fired from his union position, this guy turned to gig economy jobs in the midst of coronavirus. Things are serious right now, but Geth still gets a chance to find out if he ever steals a jalapeno popper and they muse about a future filled with robot dogs


00:00 CHRIS: [music transition]   [00:00:05] CHRIS: Hello to everybody trying to figure out which side are you on? It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred.      00:18 THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one. I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.   [00:00:28] CHRIS: Hi everybody, it’s Chris. Here’s a stupid question. How you doing? How you feeling out there everybody who listens to the show? I know the answer – stressed, scared, bored, full of confusion. It’s all in this hour. We’re in it together, and man, weird times, weird times. But, I got to say, I say it all the time, bringing conversations out there – human conversations – I really hope more than ever just listening to other people talk makes it feel a little bit more like you’re able to go outside and eavesdrop on a conversation as if you’re in a public place, like

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